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Roseann Capanna Hodge, Ed.D

Get Unstuck with Dr. Ro: A Step by Step Approach to Healing Your Child
Anxiety and OCD: How to Help Your Child Talk Back to Their Worry

Dr. Roseann's mission is to give parents the natural tools to help get their kids and families unstuck so their child can be focused, calm, and feel good about themselves. You may have tried a lot of therapies and medication and your child is still stuck, but there is another way! Dr. Roseann has spent her entire career showing parents that they can use safe, natural, and proven techniques and therapies to turn their child's behavior around and she shares with you her best tips, tools, and techniques for parenting kids with ADHD, anxiety, OCD, PANS/PANDAS, Lyme, depression, behavioral issues, concussion, learning disabilities, and other issues affecting children and teens today.

JJ Virgin

Lessons From A Warrior Mom

You may know JJ Virgin as a trailblazer in women's health and as a four times New York Times bestselling author of the Virgin Diet, The Sugar Impact Diet, The Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook, and Warrior Mom, but did you also know that she is a special needs mom too? Hear her powerful story of saving her son's life after being hit by a car and having a .02 percent chance to live and how essential fatty acids were the gamechanger in his survival. She shares with now how she got him, "200 percent better than before his accident" with natural therapies that addressed his lifelong struggle with mood, anxiety, and behavioral regulation. 

Pete Wright, JD.

Special Education and Virtual Learning in a Global Pandemic

Pete Wright is the absolute authority in special education law. He has helped millions of families become their child's "best educational advocate" through his and his wife's, Pam Wright's, work with and Emotions to Advocacy Book. Pete will guide us through how to help our children during this unprecedented time of educational turmoil and give you the most up-to-date information on how to best advocate for your child's educational needs.

Elisa Song, MD

What Supplements Should My Child Take and Why?

America's Holistic Pediatrician, Dr. Elisa Song has supported children and family health for more than two decades and is the leader in holistic children's medical care. With research driven tools, Dr. Song has guided thousands of parents on the best holistic methods to support the wellbeing of their children. Dr. Song shares the best supplements to support children's mental health and brain functioning for focus, stress, mood, and behavior.

Tom Moorcroft, DO

What You Need to Know About PANS/PANDAS 

Dr. Tom Moorcroft, Past President of International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), is a Lyme and Tick-borne Disease and PANS/PANDAS expert who combines traditional and holistic methodologies to help children and adults heal. Known for his creativity and whit, Dr. Tom is a beloved doctor who is leading the way in these devastating diseases through patient and practitioner education. 

Cynthia Thurlow

Sneaking in Mom Self-Care

A classically trained nurse practitioner who turned to functional medicine after her son's treatment resistant eczema, Cynthia changed her path to help women and moms regain their health through nutrition and lifestyle. A leader in women's health and intermittent fasting, Cynthia's viral TEDx, "Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique" has 8 millions downloads and is helping women transform their health. She shares with us the science behind self-care and easy hacks that any mom can incorporate to be a better mother, friend, employee, and parent.  

Becky Wells

Simple Nutrition Hacks to Boost Your Child's Attention, Learning, and Change Behavior

Becky Wells, of Hippie Moms Community and Health Coach, is teaching moms how to create a holistic lifestyle for their families. She educates parents on how to add in easy, low cost, and healthy foods and techniques so children can listen, learn, and pay attention at home and school. Nutrition may feel like your biggest hurdle, but every mom can do it! Becky will share simple hacks that you can do to get your kid to love food that will power up their brain and body. 

Robbin McManne

Parenting Without Yelling

Robbin McManne of Parenting for Connection is a special needs mom that has has helped thousands of parents with her work and essential parenting book, "The Yelling Cure". With her straight but loving way, she guides parents to break free from the yelling cycle that they feel trapped in and don't know where to start. Robbin gives us her best tips and techniques to speak to our kids in a way that they can hear us, learn from and take action on.

Krista Burns, D.C.

How to Prevent Digital Dementia

Dr. Krista Burns is the Founder and Director of The American Posture Institute who is training professionals about posture. She has worked with major athletes and organizations educating them about the impact of posture on physical and mental health. Dr. Krista will explain how so much technology usage is creating “digital dementia” in kids and how parents can correct this so kids can focus and process while learning. 

Diane Carlson, LCSW

ADHD, ASD, and Behavior: How to Improve Regulation, Grades, and Executive Functioning

Diane Carlson has been working as a Licensed Social Worker and coach with special needs kids and young adults with ADHD, mood issues autism, anxiety, OCD, PANS/PANDAS, and learning disabilities for over 20 years. Known for her creativity, ability to connect and engage with "difficult behavioral kids and teens" and parents, and sense of fun, Diane is a therapist and coach at Dr. Roseann, LLC. She will show you how she hacks into neuroscience, movement, and humor to turn around behavior, learning, and listening while building executive functioning and self-regulation. 

Nancy McDermott, J.D., LCSW

Mood, Parenting, and The Stuck Teen and Young Adult: 5 Tips to Create Change

Nancy McDermott, is a former attorney, Licensed Social Worker, and Clinical Director at Dr. Roseann, LLC who specializes in helping families with a failure to launch teen or young adult. Stopping snarky comments, soothing frustration, and getting families and teens/young adults UNSTUCK is what Nancy teaches parents so kids can launch. Join Nancy as she gives her best tips to create that change. 

Debi Silber, PhD.

How Anxiety and Depression Crept up on my High-Performing Kids

Dr. Debi Silber, author of Trust Again, a breakthrough book on Post-Betrayal Syndrome, tells the story of how her two high schoolers developed anxiety, depression and social media addiction in this highly stressed hamster wheel life that most typical teens live. Hear about why she didn't medicate her highly sensitive, empathic daughter and how she parented another child through depression. Learn about her families' path to healing their kids though natural techniques and meeting them where they where at.

Miranda Hope

How Neurofeedback Changed My Son's Behavior

Miranda, granddaughter of Bob Hope, is a writer and TEDx Speaker whose talked called, "One Friend" is about raising a son with autism and how her having just one friend changed her lonely parenting experience. She will share her journey of helping her son with with natural therapies, including neurofeedback, dietary changes, and a whole lot of love and patience, as well as what she learned along the way.



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Dr. Ro's Mind-Body Resilience For Kids Video Series 

(Value: $97)

All parents want their children to learn how to manage and not be as affected by stress. Well, that starts with connecting to your body so you can be aware of signals and learn how to cope with uncomfortable feelings... and this video series, Dr. Roseann's team, shows you easy ways to help your child build coping skills.

Bonus 2

The Mommy Success Toolkit 

(Value: $149)

This gem, created by Dr. Cleopatra, President & Chief Scientific Officer of The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute, distills the top 10 secrets to success in each stage of The Mommy Lifecycle. Use this Toolkit  to help you glide through every stage of Motherhood to avoid costly mistakes, prevent feelings of overwhelm and isolation, and find the balance that allows you to be your best self on the inside, at home, at work, and everywhere else. 

Bonus 3

Hydration 101 For Moms

(Value: $29)

Functional nutritionist, Shelly Gawith, teaches moms about hydration improves attention and processing and of course health. With so much mask wearing and virtual learning, kids are less hydrated and it is negatively affecting their learning. She shares her BEST and SIMPLE tips to increase hydration. 

Bonus 4

Raising Adventurous Eaters

(Value: $29)

Join kids cooking teacher Katie Kimball from Kids Cook Real Food or this one-hour recorded presentation will bring peace to your dinner table once and for all. You'll learn a 3-step process used by 10s of 1000s of families to help kids eat dinner better, 21 mealtime discipline phrases for your parenting toolbox, and how to handle extremely selective eaters. 

Bonus 5

Safeguard Your Child's Brain in the Digital Age

(Value: $19)

Get the Digital Dementia prevention guide from Dr. Krista Burns of the American Posture Institute. With this free guide, you will discover seven ways to safeguard your child's brain in the digital age and especially with such heavy technology usage with virtual learning.

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Mini Course: How to Make Smoothies Your Child Will Love

(Value: $234)

Health Coach, Becky Wells, CEO of the Hippie Moms Community, show us how to make simple, delicious, and nourishing smoothies from scratch that the whole family will love to eat!  This mini-course will show you to optimize nutrition and her simple hacks to make them taste delicious. 

Bonus 7

5 Steps to a Healthy Happy Child eBook

(Value: $29)

 As mamas and papas, we all want our kids to be healthy and happy, and experience lives full of vitality and wellness. In this free guide, holistic mama doc, Dr. Elisa Song of Happy Kids, Healthy Kids, shares the five steps she's learned in her decades as a holistic pediatrician and mama to raising healthy happy kids for a lifetime!

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